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About Indy Wain

My Love for Robotics

My name is Indy and I am 11 years old. I live in Colorado and am in 5th grade at Lone Tree Elementary. In my free time, I play video games and sometimes do robotics. I enjoy robotics because originally I saw videos online about robots and machines. I liked seeing how robots worked and what people designed them to do. I found the process of creating something very exciting. Overall, I love seeing how all the parts come together in the end.


Lines Of Code

As I grow older I want to continue to learn more about advanced coding and machinery. Someday I hope to build machines that can mine resources from the moon and other planets. In order to get here I know I will have to keep working hard and learn more about robotics and coding. In addition, I have to remember to persevere, as sometimes creating something new can be challenging but fun.

I began building robots in 2020 and have built several from the Lego Boost and Mindstorm Kits.

While I don’t know exactly what I will create next I would like to keep learning about robotics and coding. I might like to build an even bigger Rayquaza and a more advanced auto clicker for my Nintendo Switch. Next year as a sixth grader I will be attending Rocky Heights Middle School. I am excited to hopefully be a part of, or even help create a robotics club at my school and learn about building even more advanced robots other than the Lego kits.

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