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Welcome to Indy Wain’s

Robotics Lab

My goal is to teach other kids and adults on how to get involved with Robotics. In addition, I am showing my history of the robots that I have created, discussing challenges I have faced,  and answering any questions that might arise.

My Robots

The robots I have built to date are from Legos, specifically the Boost and Mindstorm kits. I hope to move into more complex models and coding within the next year.

Coding for Beginners

Coding is super cool and easy to learn for beginners, like me who are 11 years old. Anyone who is interested in gaming should really try coding.


While I might be on-line researching and learning about new topics, the Lego App is safe for kids like me. 


Learning in School

From an early age, we are now taught about coding and robotics in school. Early Learners are even using Code Spark to learn the basics, whereas, fifth graders are researching and participating in, “Hour of Code” activities. We are learning early on that this is the future of our world. 

Mission & Vision

Robotics for Kids

As an 11-year-old, robotics is full of discovery and exploration. Whether it is building robots from kits or programming them to do tasks, robotics lets me do something new and exciting. Robotics can help prepare us for a future in which machines will play an important role in our lives. Robotics also allows us to learn more about the world around us. 


Robots are amazing in manufacturing. They allow us to produce things faster and better than ever before. This makes it possible for companies to do things quicker and better, allowing us to have the latest gadgets and other items sooner!


Robotic intelligence has come a long way. It is amazing to think even an 11-year-old (like me)  can understand the changes made in robotic technology.


Robots are making life easier for everyone. From having Alexa in our home, to robots flipping burgers, to those building cars, the world is changing. In addition, most robots are quicker, better, and more reliable than a human worker.

Futures Goals

What’s Next For Me?

Robot Clubs

I hope either be a part of, or help create a club for robotics at my school.

Digging Deeper

I want to learn more advanced coding and robotics, beyond Lego creations.

Becoming a Space Miner

I plan to create a robot that can mine ores on different planets. 

Creating and Designing

I want to design and build other robots that will change the world as we know it!

It’s Never Too Late or Too Early to Get Started